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Free Shipping on orders over $199 . Exclusions apply.


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions are the terms and conditions of the mail order sales services (hereinafter referred to as "this service") for products operated by MECHATALK (hereinafter referred to as "site") on our site

If the customer (as specified in clause 1) purchases "Product" from us, please understand in advance that this service is used in accordance with the terms and conditions below (hereinafter referred to as "this Access terms") except that it does not apply to the "Product“


Clause 1 ( Registration )


"MECHATALK" is the owner of or has the right to publish all content(hereinafter referred to as "content") posted on this product site and on this company's site, unless otherwise provided. "Contents" are freely accessible, but without prior consent of "MECHATALK", it is prohibited to include any reproduction, alteration, upload, posting, distribution, license, sales, publication, etc. for any purpose. If you use "content" without permission from "MECHATALK", please be aware that it may be a violation of copyright laws and trademark laws, portrait rights and privacy. Customers are guided by MECHATALK's various sites, DMs, fax and email campaigns. This can be stopped at the request of the customer.



Clause 2 ( Contents of “This Service” )


Customers may purchase "This Product" through this service under the terms listed on "This Site" in accordance with the regulations of this Access term.

(Specification, price, delivery date, precautions for use, etc.)

However, due to the nature of "this product", the customer's work, the basic criteria of "MECHATALK" or part of "this product" due to the manufacturer's circumstances may be excluded from this service without prior notice.

Customers receive a variety of services provided by the website operated by "MECHATALK" in accordance with these Access Terms and the "Regulations for Use"However, due to the need for equipment maintenance, maintenance, and repair, or other "MECHATALK" circumstances, the provision of the service may be paused or stopped without prior notice, so please understand in advance.




Clause 3 ( How to order “this product" )


Customers may apply for the purchase of "This Product" in accordance with the following terms. However, special orders (refer to this Access Terms of clause 10).

Depending on the type, quantity, etc. of "This Product" (hereinafter referred to as "Order"), there are cases where the purchase application order method is limited.

(1) Internet Order: Please enter the requirements specified on the "MECHATALK" site.

(2) Email Order: Please send an email to the email designated by "MECHATALK".

(4) Customer's order shall be valid at the time "MECHATALK" receives the order in accordance with paragraph (1).

If the customer's order data has not been received due to a communication failure, etc., or if the order is not equipped with anything to be listed, there will be no valid order.

In this case, "MECHATALK" shall not be liable for any damages caused by the customer's inability to purchase the product or related thereto.

The sales contract for "this product" under the customer's order shall be established at the time "MECHATALK" receives the order under clause1.

(when an order is accepted by mail for a mail order)

This is not the case, however, if "MECHATALK" notifies you to reject the order promptly upon receipt of the order.

In such cases, "MECHATALK" shall not be liable for any damages caused by the customer's confidence in the establishment of a sales contract.

In addition, if "MECHATALK" is particularly necessary, it shall be deemed that the contract is concluded separately and the conditions of sale are changed.

"MECHATALK" may incur the expense to the customer if we pay according to the customer's request regarding the order.

Please understand in advance.


Clause 4 ( "This Product" Instructions and obligations )


The customer shall place an order on the premise of each of the following provisions concerning how to use this product.

"MECHATALK" shall not be liable for any damage to the Customer or any third party caused by the use of "this Product" in any of the following cases.


(1) "This product" is used for general commercial and industrial applications because it is a part or product of a general production facility.

Please be aware that consumer goods such as vehicle equipment for human transportation, transport equipment such as ships, medical devices for human treatment or diagnosis, electronics and home appliances used in ordinary households are not included in general industrial applications.

(2) "This Product" must not be used for aerospace and nuclear instruments and weapons or other military purposes.

(3) "This Product" shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations of Korea and other countries, such as the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act and the Foreign Trade Act, and shall undergo necessary procedures for the export of general industrial products and components.

(4) "MECHATALK" shall be used by the customer in accordance with the specifications and uses of "this product" posted on "this site" as a responsibility, matters concerning "this product" such as precautions, conditions, drawings, and other indications.

(5) "This Product" shall never be used in any act of reselling or providing to a third party to an end consumer, or in any combination with any other Product, except as otherwise expressly agreed by "MECHATALK" in writing.



Clause 5 ( Shipment of “this product" )


"MECHATALK" sends the product to the customer on a fixed delivery date("Date to be notified after ordering") for each "this product".

However, "MECHATALK" may determine the delivery date separately depending on the type, quantity, time of order, etc. of "this product" ordered by the customer.

(If shipment period is required, for bulk orders, etc.)

The delivery date shall be calculated except for the closing day of "MECHATALK" by calculating the delivery date from the day after the contract with the customer for the sale of "MECHATALK" is established except for the closing day of "MECHATALK".

In addition, if the customer's order transfer time and "MECHATALK" receive time are different due to the Internet transmission environment, the customer's order will be calculated according to the delivery date.

The delivery date and arrival date are different. When placing an order for "this product", please refer to the time required for each country on "this site" before placing an order.

Please understand that "MECHATALK" is not responsible to the customer, even if the delivery date of "this product" is delayed (year-end holidays, summer holidays, etc.) for various reasons, or if it does not arrive on the scheduled arrival date by region.






Clause 6( "This Product" Forward )


The delivery of "This Product" is completed by delivering it to the shipping destination registered with the customer's information or to the shipping destination you specified at the time of your order. You may not be able to provide "this product" if you cannot verify the customer's name, factory name, lab name, doorplate, etc.



Clause 7 ( Inspection )


Please check the name, type, quantity, damage, deformation, damage, defect within a week after receipt of the product and notify "This Site" of any rejected items within the relevant period. Does not meet the specifications or special orders (specifications designated by the customer, etc.) posted on this Site. If you contact us via email and "MECHATALK" is not notified within that period, "this product" shall be deemed to have passed the customer's inspection.



Clause 8 ( Action in the event of a failure )


If all or part of "this product" fails the inspection in accordance with the full provisions, "MECHATALK" confirms the product and clearly determines that it is MECHATALK's responsibility, an immediate exchange (re-delivery in case of service) or returns the payment of the rejected item as requested by the customer.


Clause 9 ( Delivery of excess quantities )


If you have shipped more "this product" than your order due to attributable reasons for "MECHATALK", please contact us quickly and return it to "MECHATALK". In that case, "MECHATALK" will pay the return fee.


Clause 10 ( Special Orders )


Ordering procedures are different from the handling of this service if there is a special order made by the customer based on the drawing specification other than the standard, rather than "this product" on the "site" with specifications, etc.

(hereinafter referred to as "special order")


However, for matters other than order procedures, these terms and conditions shall apply to special orders as long as they are not contrasted with the nature of special orders.



Clause11 ( Tax )


Customer is responsible for paying all applicable state and local taxes or providing a valid certificate of exemption from sales tax.


Clause 12 ( Payment )


Payment of the purchase price, commission and shipping cost of "This Product" you purchased will be made by the method posted on "This Site" and payment methods such as handling financial institutions may be changed.

"MECHATALK" shall claim payment for "this product" which has completed shipment by the respective deadline determined by the payment method of the preceding clause, and the customer shall pay the full amount of the payment.


Clause 13 ( Rejection of product receipt, etc. )


If the customer does not comply with the receipt of this Product or if it is not delivered due to the customer's reasons, "MECHATALK" shall be deemed to have been terminated.(Including if absent)

The customer shall compensate for any damages to the Company other than the considerable amount of the "Product".Please understand this.However, this does not apply to "MECHATALK" which recognizes special handling according to the nature, type, quantity and delivery system of "this product".


Clause 14 ( Exemption of Uncontrollable )

Natural disaster (including but not limited to earthquakes, floods, fires), amendments and abolition of laws, disposal of public power, transportation/transportation problems, labor disputes, and other unavoidable circumstances will notify customers within a reasonable period. In addition, "MECHATALK" shall not be liable for any damages or expenses incurred to the Customer.


Clause 15 ( Change and cancel product orders )


If you wish to change or cancel (hereinafter referred to as "cancellation, etc.")

your order, please complete the application or cancellation form on MECHATALK's order cancellation page by the date in accordance with the "Site" policy and send it to Email: Also, due to the nature, type, quantity, delivery date, and delivery system, cancellation of "this product" may not be acceptable.

Depending on the time of receipt of the cancellation, type of "this product", quantity, etc., the fee may be charged according to the conditions listed on "this site". Orders not subject to the provisions of this clause cannot be cancelled.



Clause 16 ( Return, Exchange Product Handling )


After the expiration of the inspection period specified in clause7, "this product" shall be returned or exchanged (hereinafter referred to as "return, etc.") only if it meets all of the following conditions.

However, the customer has to pay the return fee. If you wish to return the product, please contact to MECHATALK'S Email .

Email :

Please keep "this product" in accordance with the properties of the product from the time the return is requested to be completed.


(1) In the case of unopened or unused

(2) If it is not a production product (it cannot be exchanged or returned)

(3) If it is not a bulk order

(4) Request a return within one month from the date of delivery.


In the event that "this product" delivered is damaged due to attributable reasons, such as negligence of "MECHATALK", regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, please notify MECHATALK within the period specified in paragraph (4).

MECHATALK receives a return, etc. if "MECHATALK" acknowledges that this product has been damaged due to a fault such as "MECHATALK" after receiving a customer's notice, MECHATALK shall pay the return fee.

However, if we cannot check the status of this product, we may refuse to return the product.



Clause 17 ( Product Warranty )


"MECHATALK" shall repair or exchange "MECHATALK" in accordance with the separate warranty (hereinafter referred to as "damaged, etc.") regulations provided that "MECHATALK" receives written notice stating the details of "MECHATALK"'s satisfaction if it is deemed to be damaged, tampered with or damaged due to the clause of "MECHATALK" (hereinafter referred to as "warranty").

In this case, "MECHATALK" shall be subject to repair by the manufacturer of this "Product".

Also, special orders are excluded from the warranty, so please be careful.

"MECHATALK" may be covered by the manufacturer's warranty if there is a warranty from the manufacturer of "this product".


Each of the following conditions is excluded from the warranty even within the warranty period:


(1) Damage cause by use for purposes other than general industrial purposes, etc.

(2) Destruction of aerospace and nuclear equipment, weapons, weapons, and other military applications, such as the use of "this product";

(3) Damage cause by carelessness, etc.

(4) Damage cause by natural disaster (including but not limited to earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.)

(5) Specifications, uses, precautions for use, conditional drawings and other matters concerning "this product" and other matters in the documents attached to the "this product" accessories, such as damage cause by non-marking, etc.

(6) Processing, repairing, remodeling, disassembly, etc. by the customer himself/herself

(7) Damage cause by other equipment, etc.

(8) Damage cause by overseas use, etc.

(9) Unexperienced or unexpected purpose of use, damage by the method of use, etc.

(10) Damage, etc. claused by the customer's use contrary to the provisions of these Terms of Use;

(11) Other regulations on sites in "MECHATALK" do not allow "MECHATALK" to be repaired or replaced;


Repair or replacement, if not covered by this warranty, shall be paid separately for the amount prescribed by "MECHATALK".

Depending on the nature, date of manufacture and specifications of "this product", it may not be repaired or replaced.




Clause 18 ( Cancellation of Registration, Clear etc.)


In the event that a customer falls under each of the following conditions. occurs, MECHATALK may cancel the registration of the customer without prior notice, suspend or suspend all or part of the use of this service, and immediately cancel the established contract without maximum notice.


(1) clause 1 clause 2 If be confirmed as a reason.

(2) Used for purposes other than general industrial purposes if be confirmed

(3) Any act that falls under the prohibition of clause 4 clause 2 or clause 5 if be confirmed

(4) If the customer neglects or delays the liability arising from the use of this service, or fails to correct it within seven days even though "MECHATALK" has requested correction by notice

(5) In addition to the preceding paragraph, the customer has violated any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and has not corrected it within 14 days even though "MECHATALK" has requested it to be corrected by notice

(6) When a customer suspends his/her own business or receives a cancellation or suspension of business from the supervisory authority

(7) When a customer is suspended or unable to pay, or when he/she is defaulted at a bill exchange station

(8) In the event of a significant degradation of the customer's creditworthiness or a significant change in the business that affects the creditworthiness

(9) When a customer receives an application for compulsory execution or auction, such as seizure, seizure, provisional disposition, etc. from a third party, or a default on tax public charges

(10) When a customer has filed for bankruptcy or commencement of rehabilitation procedures or similar facts

(11) When the customer has resolved to dissolve or merge with another company

(12) When a customer becomes unable to implement these terms and conditions or individual contracts, such as disasters or labor disputes

(13) When the customer has committed acts of betrayal that are difficult to continue using this service other than fraud to us

(14) Where the client's property condition deteriorates or an objective circumstance is deemed likely to occur

(15) When all means of communication do not reach the customer

(16) If the customer voluntarily withdraws in accordance with clause21

(17) When there is no customer order for more than one year

(18) in violation of the prohibitions set forth in clause 28

(19) When any other reason is deemed to be ineligible as a member


If the customer falls under any of the above conditions, he/she shall immediately reimburse the full amount of his/her debt after losing all of the debt due from the use of this service.

In addition, in the event of a customer's loss of "MECHATALK" in violation of these Terms of Use, the customer shall be liable for such damages.



Clause 19 ( Report Changes and Notifications )


When a customer applies for membership registration and site access procedures, the customer's name or company, address, representative, phone number, fax number, contact name, email address, etc. must be immediately notified to us in writing or via WOS site.

Any documentation such as "This Product" or "This Site" sent by "MECHATALK" due to no notice or delay in this matter shall normally be deemed to have arrived at the customer on the day after the date of arrival. In addition, additional costs such as redelivery fees incurred for delivery to the address after the change and material management costs of this product will be borne by the customer.


Clause 20 ( Voluntary withdrawal )


If the customer wants to withdraw, the withdrawal report is made by "MECHATALK". "MECHATALK" receives the applicable report and cancels the registration, and the customer will lose their membership upon completion of the cancellation.


Clause 21 ( Amendment of price, specification etc.)


"MECHATALK" may change, modify and stop handling "this product" and may be determined by MECHATALK on the timing, means, and other methods of notification to the customer. (hereinafter referred to as "modification, etc.")

If the customer orders "this product" after modification, the customer shall consider the modification, etc. approved. However, please understand in advance that minor changes that do not affect the specifications listed on "This Site" will not be notified, such as modifications.


Clause 22 ( Approved to amend the terms and conditions )


"MECHATAL" may make any changes or modifications (hereinafter referred to as "amendment, etc.") to this Access Terms and Conditions and, if any, immediately publish the amended Terms and Conditions on the Access Terms publication page of the website operated by "MECHATALK".

If a customer has placed an order for "this product" since then, the customer shall be deemed to have approved the application of the term.


Clause 23 ( Preferred )


This Access term applies equally to all customers using this service. The customer uses this service with familiarity with the contents of "This Site" and "This Access Term", and if there is anything in the contract between the separate customer and MECHATALK that contradicts the provisions of "This Access Term", this Access Term shall prevail. (Including when the customer lists the terms of the contract on the order sheet, etc.)



Clause 24 ( Exemptions on Internet Services )


When customers receive information search and service (hereinafter referred to as "Internet service") through the website "MECHATALK" operate, they shall be responsible for using the service in accordance with the promises and laws that apply to individual Internet services in addition to the "this Access term".

"MECHATALK" strives to improve the information and quality of service provided by Internet services, but does not guarantee the safety, certainty, usefulness, relevance, up-to-date, legitimacy, morality or computer viruses that provide information to Internet services.

We are fully considerate of the security of information leakage, but please understand that there is a risk of information leakage, etc. and understand that it is not always safe.

We shall not be liable for any damages related to the use of Internet services, except where "MECHATALK" has intentional or gross negligence.

(Including damages caused by non-arrival of orders using the site)

"MECHATALK" shall not be held liable for any disturbance caused by the use of Internet services other than the usual method of use.


Clause 25 ( Service Interruption and Stop )


"MECHATALK" may suspend or STOP all or part of the service without prior contact, notification, or notice to the customer for the following reasons:

Natural disaster (including earthquakes, floods, and fires, but not limited to this),

When a malfunction or malfunction of a system or device, such as an order, occurs due to a power outage, a line failure, etc. of a telecommunication business operator;

Natural disaster (including but not limited to earthquakes, floods, and fires);

When the transmission medium of "this product" is likely to become difficult due to other unavoidable circumstances, such as the enactment, amendment, abolition, labor dispute, etc.;

When it is necessary to maintain the ordering system or equipment;

or "MECHATALK" determines that maintenance is necessary for the operation of this service.


Clause 26 ( Prohibition )


The Customer must not engage in any of the following acts when using this Service:

Joining with false information when registering as a member;

An act that may interfere with the operation of this service or may interfere with this service;

placing an order in another person's name or using a false customer code, user ID or password;

the act that there is a possibility of disadvantage or damage to other customers ,third parties and "MECHATALK".

the act that infringing concerning copyrights and other intellectual property rights, privacy and other rights about other customers, third parties or "MECHATALK" through acts.

Unauthorized access to this Internet service and forging information;

The act of transmitting harmful computer viruses and programs and developing malicious codes concerning this Internet service;

an act of violating public order and good morals.

other acts in violation of statutes;

or an act of concern

The act of transferring the contractual status of the use of this service to another person;

Other acts deemed inappropriate by "MECHATALK“


Clause 27 ( Copyright )


The Customer must not use any information provided through this Service without the permission of the Copyright Act ,but only way to use recognized by the Copyright Act.

In the event of a problem arising out of a breach of this claim, the customer shall resolve the problem with his/her own responsibility and expense without causing any inconvenience or damage to "MECHATALK".


Clause 28 ( ID and password management )


The customer should manage the customer code, user ID, and password on their own responsibility.

The customer shall not transfer, lend, or disclose the customer code, user ID or password to others.



Clause 29 ( Personal Information Handling )


The purpose of this service is to use the personal information obtained by "MECHATALK" as follows:


(1)Where it is used to provide guidance on business overview, business activities, and events of each Mecatalk Group;

(2) When using information to products and services and the machinery industry and diversification industry issued by each Mecatalk Group.


(1) Provide information to the shipper or the manufacturer directly delivering "this product" to the customer, if necessary for the performance of this service;

(2) The customer agrees to disclose his/her name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.

(3) Where a disclosure is requested in accordance with laws, rules, ordinances, etc.


In addition to this clause, the customer's personal information is also included in the personal information handling policy on our group's website.


Clause 30 ( Exemption Clause of MECHATALK )


"MECHATALK" is solely responsible for the specifications of "This Product" published on "This Site" and does not warrant any other matters such as the purposefulness, usefulness, suitability, compatibility, duration of sale, etc. of "This Product".

Also “This product” be solely responsible for clause17clause2, clause18 clause1 for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or special damages or other damages, losses or disadvantages incurred in connection with this Product and this Service. MECHATALK also be implemented in accord with the provisions of the Manufacturing Liability Act,if MECHATALK are included as the manufacturer of the "this Product"

In addition, if the customer violates the precautions of use, the customer cannot claim compensation or claim damages against MECHATALK.

Even if MECHATALK is responsible for damages, the amount of damages is related to the occurrence of damages and the amount of "this product" purchased by the customer shall be upper limit.




Clause 31 ( Cooling off drafting no accept )


The cooling-off system (withdraw subscription) stipulated in the Act on Installment Transactions, the Act on Door-to-door Sales, the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. and other Acts and subordinate statutes do not apply to mail order sales of "This Site".



Clause 32 ( Information provision, product procurement services etc.)


"This Access Terms" shall also apply to services other than the sale of "This Product" listed on "This Site". Furthermore, the details of the service may be determined separately by "MECHATALK", and the customer may use "this service" in accordance with these regulations.

(including services on information provision, product procurement, etc.)


Clause 33 ( Receipt of Inquiries )


Customer's "This Product" order and other inquiries regarding other transactions are received within the "MECHATALK" reception time listed on "This Site".

Please contact to the Technical enquiry counter which on the “This site” for any issues or other technical information about "This Product".

Please concult "This Site" for a lot of detailed contents.


Clause 34 ( Business Days )


The timing of "MECHATALK"'s provision of "This Service" shall be determined at the discretion of MECHATALK and may be changed without notice.



Clause 35 ( Resolution of Agreement )


With regard to matters not provided for in “this Access Terms”the purpose of “this Access Terms” is to be considered and determined in consultation with the Customer.










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This Policy was last Reviewed in February 2021.