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Free Shipping on orders over $199 . Exclusions apply.


Warranty Regulations

Warranty Regulations


This is about the warranty of the product you purchased from MECHATALK.

If you purchase or use the product, you will be deemed to have agreed to this warranty.


Warranty of products purchased by the customer from MECHATALK (hereinafter referred to as "MECHATALK") as well as various products supplied by MECHATALK and product catalogues on the website operated by MECHATALK.

(hereinafter referred to as the "Catalog"),All warranties of products sold (hereinafter referred to as "this product") shall be in accordance with the Catalog Access Terms (hereinafter referred to as "Access Terms") and this Warranty Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the "Warranty Regulation").


However, please note that this "guarantee rule" does not apply to special orders.

Regardless of whether there is a separate warranty provision for "this product" between customers, if the customer purchases or uses this product, the terms of this "guarantee provision" shall be deemed acceptable. In addition, "this product" has a manufacturer's warranty. In this case, please note that the manufacturer's warranty, etc. shall take precedence and that this "Warranty Regulation" shall not apply.


Warranty Coverage and Warranty Period


If "this product" purchased is recognized as a problem of damage, deformation, defects, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "defects, etc.") due to attributable reasons of "MECHATALK", If a written notice stating the details in "MECHATALK" regarding "Defects, etc." is delivered to "MECHATALK" within the warranty period (as defined below), and the "MECHATALK" acknowledges any defects, etc. due to attributable to "MECHATALK", it shall be repaired without any replacement or defect.

However, if the following defects, etc. or "Catalog" stipulates that "MECHATALK" does not recognize the exchange or repair, it is excluded from the scope of the warranty:


(1) "Defects, etc." when used outside of the general industrial area. In this case, general industrial use refers to parts of general production facilities or general commercial and industrial use for the product, and does not include transport devices such as vehicles, automobiles, ships, etc. Medical devices for treating and examining people, or electronic appliances used in households.

2) "Defects, etc." when "this product" is used for aerospace, nuclear and weapons, weapons and other military purposes;

(3) Customer's negligence and mistakes in handling "defects, etc.“

(4) "Defects, etc." caused by natural disasters (including earthquakes, fires and floods, but not limited to them)

(5) Specifications, uses, precautions for use, conditions of use, drawings, other matters concerning "this product" and other matters attached to "this product" (including accessories) and "defects, etc. caused by use without other indications;

(6) "Defects, etc." by processing, repairing, remodeling, disassembling, etc. by the customer

(7) "Defects, etc." due to other equipment

(8) "Defects, etc." by overseas use

(9) "Defects, etc." not according to the intended purpose and method of use, "defects, etc." due to unknown purpose and method of use;

(10) Defect, etc. caused by the customer's use contrary to the provisions of the terms and conditions of use;

(11) Other cases where "MECHATALK" does not allow repair and exchange in "This Site";



The warranty period covered by this Warranty Regulation is one year from the date OF MECHATALK ships the Product.


IF "this product" extent that is not impossible to use, For example, a small scratches, contamination, fainting, discoloration, etc. do not correspond to defects.

However, if "MECHATALK" admits due to severe scratches, contamination, fainting, discoloration etc. It is a "defect, etc.“

Please check the name, format and quantity within one week from the date of receipt of the product, inspect the specifications posted on "This Site" for "defects", and notify the MECHATALK Customer Center in writing if there are any "defects" etc. MECHATALK may consider that the customer's "product" has passed the customer's inspection without any "defects" to be exchanged or repaired, if not notified within the period.

After the warranty period has expired, exchange and repair of "this product" will be charged for any other reason other than the scope of this warranty.

In some cases, repair or replacement may not be possible according to the nature, date of manufacture, and specifications of this product.





Exemption Regulations


"MECHATALK" is the case where "defects" in "this product" are attributable to "MECHATALK" or Where the obligations prescribed by the Terms and Conditions and if "MECHATALK" are manufacturers prescribed by the Manufacturing Liability Act for this Product Except for the obligation to be held accountable under this Act, all damages incurred in connection with the failure, etc. of "this product" (whether indirect or direct damage, and whether there is general damage or special damage) not liable for any loss or expense (hereinafter referred to as "damage, etc.").

In addition, damages related to "defects, etc." of "this product" include damages caused by the recovery of "defects" of the product produced using "this product" and products produced using "this product" or "this product" and damages caused by the discontinuation of the production line of the customer's plant and production facilities.

The amount of damages caused to the customer by "defects, etc." of "this product" due to attributable reasons of "MECHATALK" shall be upper limit on the "this product" payment that the customer purchased and caused such damages.

If "MECHATALK" is not a manufacturer specified in the Manufacturing Liability Act, the customer shall directly hold the manufacturer responsible under this Act.

Customer shall not claim any compensation or compensation for "MECHATALK" for any of the following reasons or related damages:


(1) Where "this product" is used against the terms and conditions of use of "MECHATALK", "this site", manufacturer's warranty or prohibition of use;

(2) In the case of a defect in "this product" caused by a customer's intention or negligence;

(3) In the case of "defects" in "this product" due to force majeure;

4) Where any patent rights held by a third party, such as patent right, Chairmanship or trademark rights, are infringed in respect of this Product;

(5)"Export or prohibition of export of this Product" by law or regulation;




This "Guarantee Regulation" shall apply only to the purchase and use of "This Product" in Korea, and no warranty shall apply to "This Product" otherwise. Warranty under "MECHATALK" may be requested to return "this product" to "MECHATALK" for exchange and repair. "MECHATALK" will not be replaced or repaired on a business trip, so please understand in advance.

Manufacturing and sales may be discontinued due to manufacturer's circumstances. Please understand that it may not be possible to exchange it with the same product in this case.

"MECHATALK" amends, changes and modifications to this "Guarantee Regulation"

(hereinafter referred to as "revisions") and "revisions" have been made, the "revised" warranty regulations will be posted immediately on the website operated by "Site" or "MECHATALK". If a Customer has ordered "This Product" since "Revised", the Customer shall be deemed to have approved the application of the "Revised" Warranty Regulations.








Revision Date: January 1, 2021