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Free Shipping on orders over $120 . Exclusions apply.
Free Shipping on orders over $120 . Exclusions apply.

[GS MECHA]Shockabsorber Adjusted type (GAS36)

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·GAS Series is a small adjustable type, and the  dial control  can rotate 360°.
The damping force can be adjusted throughout the entire range.

·Body's external diameter is made of screws, which quickly releases heat energy and allows accurate positioning.

·If you use Shockabsorber among Bumper Heads, you don't need any other Stop Collar because it has its own cushion function.

·Use it when Shock Absorption is required, such as automobile manufacturing facilities, tire manufacturing facilities, press casting facilities, assembly JIG, and transport equipment.

·Non-standard products: Design, production, and supply by customer order (inquiring separately to customer service center on website)

·Temperature of Use => Standard Oil: -10~80°C, Special Oil: -30~100°C

·Surface treatment (basic type): Electroless nickel plating. (Order type) : Black and chromium plating can be produced ((inquiring separately to customer service center on website)

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*Download Fixed Dimension 2D CAD 

*Download Fixed Dimension 3D CAD